Block Customer BEFORE They Order?

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Hello, all!
Long story short, I have an intermittent stalker that I've blocked on every other website that I use and sell on, but they've finally attempted to force contact through my Shopify store.  Each time I refund and cancel their order they immediately order again.  I know others have asked, but just in case there's something new now that I'm missing:

Is there any way to block a customer BEFORE they order from my Shopify store?  

Canceling and refunding, even without notifying (since they can still see that their order is cancelled) just seems to provoke them and incur fees for me.  I'm dealing with a crazy person and would love a way to just block them. 

I know one post suggested third party apps for Shopify that could do this, but reading throught the apps' descriptions, I have not yet seen one that could.  I don't want to block their county as they live in the U.S. (as do I).

Thanks for reading, everyone.