Block Shopify Sneaker bots buying products

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Hi guys. My customer has a Shopify shop, that sells sneakers with high demand.

Lately when new sneaker is announced, the bots empties the stock, with no-time. That is kind of good, that sales rocks,. If I understood correctly, it causes problems when purchase is paid by PayPal, there is no seller protection, if the name and email does not mach. And when the bot generates the emails and names by random, that almost without exception does not mach with the PayPal account.

I have been researching this topic at Google, and looks like there is some apps, but apparently those doesn't fit to the needs. 


So the question is: how to block bots Shopify products in the shop? Or is there some way to prevent bots to buy some certain products?   

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If you know how to edit code, you can probably add bot blockers to your pages.