Blocking/Blacklisting Customers

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I set up a rule using the shopify app, now how do i add email addresses and names to be canceled? 

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Name Theerapong Surinsuk

Theerapong Surinsuk
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She will buy then dispute it never received happening to my business too unfortunately there’s people like her

China Post tracking


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None of those linked will block an order from happening in the first place. As such, you lose cc fees everytime which becomes very expensive. Seems like it should be simple to block an email or address at the calc shipping level BEFORE the order is placed.

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I’ll just be careful needless to say I won the disputed item cause was shipped and I had the tracking
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We have had cases where the chargeback was disputed with screenshots of the orders, delivery made, shipping label attached, USPS tracking information and the bank still sided with the person making a false fraudulent claim at their bank. It's really nasty.

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That app doesn't make sense. Why block someone after making the purchase already. I as a seller will lose money because of the fees charge when that order generates.

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Since Shopify's app doesn't solve the main pain points of blocking a customer before they place an order and blocking orders without a customer account registration, I've created Blockade.

It's an app that allows you to block or allow traffic based on:

  • Visitor's country of origin
  • IP address
  • Associated website (block pexgle, adspy, dropsite and other abusive scraping websites)

With the app you can block the specific IP address of the known bad acting customer so they won't be able to make an order in the first place.

You can get it on the App Store here:

You don't need to update your theme with a custom script or other risky steps, just install the app and setup your rules.

Happy to answer any questions,

Founder of Verdict - Anti-Fraud Apps for Shopify
  • Blockade - Easily block countries, IP addresses, VPNs
  • Real ID - Verify your customer's real IDs easily & securely
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Blockade is a great option! 

There are some other awesome apps that have similar functionality: 

  • Easy Country Blocker by ZendApps
  • FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention
  • Traffic Guard
  • Fraud Filter by Shopify (already mentioned)

Check out my full review and comparison of these apps here


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I have discovered that the app SendOwl allows blocking users by email address, IP address or country. Plus, this app lets you place a mark at the bottom of every page in the PDF with the buyer’s name, etc, to discourage illegal copying. 

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What keeps a person from just using a VPN and getting around it? Can your app also add customers addresses, emails, etc to have a more robust stack of info on them? As you know, fraudsters have many ways around this thing by using different names, different emails, VPN, etc. So we need all of this info to be able to keep adding to a fraudsters "File" everytime they use new info.