Blog Spam is Increasing

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Spam is getting worse! I have actually stopped account creations due to this, and are allowing customers to checkout using the guest checkout. 


However my blog is a different story. I have the spam filter on, but I am still getting tons of spam each day. Mainly on one or two blog posts (though I suspect that will change soon). 


I have noticed that I am getting spam from emails ending in .XYZ  I would like to be able to block anyone with similar emails (like from even leaving a comment, since I know these are not legit commentors. Or even block comments with specific ketwords (like betting or porn). 


Any code out there for this?  I am looking for actual help on codes that can be modified, implemented to block this stuff. 


I am not looking for another app, so please do not suggest one.

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Did you find a solution? I have the same problem.