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I wrote a new blog post and put the visible date to yesterday, but it won't show up.

All my other posts show up. When I click "View" the post shows up, buy it doesn't show up on the main page.


This is the main page:

Please let me know what might be wrong.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Rajaa!

I had a look at your account and reviewed the most common reasons for why one's blog post is not publishing as expected, namely with a review of your navigation section and making sure the correct categories have been attached to the blog post in question so that it corresponds with your navigation setup. I have also had a look at your "customise theme" section to see if there was anything within your "blog" section that may explain why this post in particular isn't publishing while all other posts are publishing without issue.

Since there wasn't a simpler explanation, I took a look to see if there was any issues within your code that may explain this. Upon review I believe that this may be a rational explanation since I do see a rather large volume of "if" statements so it is very possible that there is something within this blog post that does not meet the conditions laid down in your code.

Since your theme has been so heavily customised, what I recommend you do is share your query on our Design Forums where Shopify Experts and other web developers are hanging around to offer direct coding solutions or assisting with diagnostic work should there be some issues within your theme's code. They will be able to determine affirmatively whether your issue is indeed related to a coding issue.

I hope this clarifies things for you and I hope I have pointed you in the right direction :)

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