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Hi there! Can anyone recommend a "brand management" or "brand consulting" company? I Am a maker, and would like to focus on that aspect. Running the Ecommerce side, while enjoyable, isn't really the best use of my time as its not my forte. My problem is this - I seem to have decent sales when in person and I can speak to people (art and craft shows, etc) but I am having trouble translating that to online sales. Right now I get, on average, 100 visitors a day from various means (mostly Facebook and IG). But so very few convert. Because of the In person sales, and wholesale business, i know I have, at least minimally, a compelling series of products. I know that the problem online is related to my novice approach to online sales,} our job with SEO, and lack of brand cohesion. These are not my strengths and I am curious if there are companies out there that specialize in these areas? Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Dan @
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