Broken Discount Code Lookup - Shopify REST API

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I created a private app (it has every permission and all possible read/write scopes).


All the Shopify REST APIs work fine. I have tested, prices rules, orders, customers, and others. 

I run into a problem when I do a discount lookup call



If I do this call with a non-existent discount code, I get a response 

    "errors": "Not Found"
Which is correct.
However, when I look up a valid (existing) discount code, I get a response
    "errors": "[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)"
Which is unexpected and incorrect
Yes, I have triple-checked my permissions. I have enabled/provided all ADMIN API and STOREFRONT API permissions.
All the permissions are for testing, please don't waste everyone's time by advising why I shouldn't provide all permission.