Bugs since new update september 2019

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Hi. Since the last update a few days ago, ive noticed a couple of really annoying bugs


1. When you add a new product and assign collections to that product. The collections used to be in alphabetical order but now they are all over the place which makes finding the collections a much longer task.


2. We schedule most of out products to go live on our website at a certain time. I used to be able to view the item to make sure it was ok before it goes live but now when its scheduled, I cant view the item and get a 404 error. How can I check it now?


3. Putting alt text on images is now much harder. You have to click on the 3 dots then find the alt text instead of just right clicking. These are really small if you are working on a small screen and really hard to pick. Also when you finish adding the alt text you used to be able to just press enter to finish, now you have to grab the mouse and click finish. These sound minor but it now taking twice as long to add alt text to each picture & when you are adding around 200 per week its going to be very annoying


Im sure there are more, i'll post when i find. Thanks

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I've been facing problems with the "add image" functionality since the last week.


1. When i add and re-order images in the product page the notification shows "image order saved" but when i revisit the page the page shows a randomly altered image order not the one saved.

2. When an image is deleted, it creates duplicates at times which are moved right on top of the image order.


The support is not able to identify the problem, its been 72 hours.

Rather they are not aware that there was a new release/update in the last week.