Build another shopify store or use GumRoad?

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I am going to try selling certain products on closeout one at a time. Left over t-shirts, etc. But for logistical reasons I need to keep this off my main shopify web site. So the thought is to build another web site via Shopify. The other option is to use something like GumRoad or ETSY.

Clearly there is an advantage of my own site, but a lot of time setting it up. Etsy/Gumroad are done, easy. But I have to wonder if there are drawbacks to this from the consumer perspective? Is it a turn off to use something like those for closeouts or single item purchases?

Any input here is appreciated.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch :)

Well in terms of having your own Shopify store, it means you have your own physical presence online in terms of SEO etc.

For setting up another Shopify store, if it's anyway similar to your current store, you could  export certain features to save time

Personally, I've never used Etsy to sell online, however there are a lot of documentation online that provides the advantages & disadvantages of doing so. For example

Hope this helps!


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Technically, it sounds like the items you are mentioning in your post here are not allowed on Etsy (unless they are blank T-shirts, or if you yourself are doing the "add-ons" to the shirts).  But they do not police the site very well, so you might be able to get away with it.  Still, you could be shut down at any time if the items do not meet their criteria for listing.