Building a second store on main Shopify account - possible?

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Hi there,

I'm wanting to build a second Shopify store that will eventually take over from my current store that is live. The second store will have different theme and pages. Is it possible to build this to near completion with the different pages included? Or will I need a completely new Shopify account for this.

If I was to build this on a different account, could I transfer it to my current account with the purchased theme? Or will I need to make that second account with the new website my main account?

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Hi, @BVC!


Julie here from Shopify Support. It's great to hear that you're planning on opening another store. 


At the moment, you can only create one online store per Shopify account. In order to get started with your second store, you'll just need to sign up for another 14-day free trial. Once the trial is over, feel free to select the Dormant plan. This plan disables the checkout at a reduced rate, saving you money while you continue to work on your store until you're ready to launch. When the time comes to start selling on the new store, all you'll need to do is close your current store and, on your new store, switch to the Basic plan or higher.


It sounds like you have a premium theme. Was this purchased through the Shopify Theme Store? If so, third-party themes can only be licensed on the original store you purchased it on. However, if you'd like to keep the theme you purchased, feel free to reach out to Support once you're ready to close your existing store and we will be happy to assist in transferring the theme over for you. Just keep in mind that you will still need to upload any images and recreate any pages and menus you wish to have, as those won't transfer over. 


Of course, you're always welcome to start from scratch with a brand new theme from our Theme Store. Because you'll be working on the new store while still operating your existing one, you may have to go this route, as it won't be possible to transfer the paid theme over until the existing store is closed.


What's the reason for opening a new store? Will you be selling the same types of products, or is this an entirely new business idea? I'd love to learn more!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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