Building a site for a restaurant delivery service

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Is it possible to build a site for a restaurant delivery service ? Please HELP! Im not real computer savvy

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Sure it’s possible, the question is .. is it profitable ?
if you have a clear vision of what problem you want to solve and what service you want to offer it can all be done.

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Yes, to get moving with a simple menu a shopify partner or expert can have you up in running in an afternoon, or  even by yourself in a day or two if you focus and go through the docs efficiently.

However there is a long list of restaurant specific things to consider , setup , configure, or customize and some needing apps.

  • the amount of things customers can choose for most items(i.e. do they need to "build" the food),
  • delivery schedules,
  • hours of operation,
  • delivery radius,
  • if you need to use a POS for in person payment or only POS sales,
  • addon products,
  • recipe & ingredients info,
  • disclaimers
  • chat (phone, live chat msgs,fb chat,etc)
  • etc etc.
  • ingredient tracking


Here's an example that takes less than an hour so to put up, it's super ultra bare:

It's using shopify's own single page express theme (they have more filled out demo of a pasta restaurant )

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