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I am trying to figure out a way to bulk edit size and price variants for my products. I sell sublimation transfers and offer 7 sizes and each size has a separate price. For example I have 500 products that I need to add the size/price to. Instead of going to each listing and adding those variants, is there a way or an app that I can apply those variants to any/all of the products all at once? This would save me a a lot of time and headache if there was such a thing. Thank you! 

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Hey, @AmandaSee1984!

Ash here from the Shopify team. Thank you for posting your question in the Shopify Community Forums! 

There are a couple ways to make bulk edits to products and variants in your store. I'll provide some details on each method below for you to check out. The first option is using the Bulk Product Editor, which is built into the Shopify Admin. This editor allows you to make changes to existing products and variants in your store in bulk, eliminating the need to open each specific product page. We have some more information on using the Bulk Product Editor over here in the Help Center. While this tool is a great solution for editing existing products and variants, it sounds like you want to add some new variants to existing products, and so I believe the second method will be better suited to your needs. 

The second method is via CSV file. You're able to export the products in your store to a CSV file, make changes to that file in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, and then re-import it into your store to update your products. When using this method, I suggest exporting your products twice and saving an unedited export of your product list as a backup. The Shopify Help Center has a bunch more information on using CSV files to export and import products you can check out! 

Let me know what you think of these solutions by replying here. Happy editing! 

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I hope you were able to find the solution.

If not, Happy Hours can help you out.

With this app, you can

  1. Run scheduled sales campaign at a designated time with the product price change.

  2. Easily pick products by name or collection.

  3. Select 100s of products or search for any product.

  4. Bulk edit product prices easily

  5. Set discounts by percentage or dollar value

  6. Set different discounts for different collections

  7. Get analysis report on how well your campaign performed.

Hope this helps. 

Feel free to ask your Qs if any. 



Tanvi B

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