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We have just migrated a six hundred product site to Shopify, from Woocommerce, via Cart2Cart plugin. Only the top tier categories (collections) migrated. No Vendors, Types were not consistent. A considerable amount of filtering and restructuring is needed.
1) We downloaded a leading bulk edit app. We notice there are no checkboxes for selecting products to edit. Selecting individual products for bulk edits is imperative for us. We have not been able to find any apps that claim to be able to do this. Please advise if there is a way this, recommended apps etc.
2) We need a bulk editor to manage Cost of Goods fields. Any thoughts?  Thank you. - Jeff
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Hi @EQL-Jeff,

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This is my recommendation for your issue. You can use Shopify Bulk Edit to edit the cost per item. Please follow these steps for editing: 

  1. Click Products pages and choose those you want to edit (you can select all six hundred products or only some of them) 
  2. Click Edit Products. The currently editing fields area will be listed for you, and you can tick Add Fields to add another property. 


For more information, please take a look at this guideline from Shopify here.

Hope my answer is helpful for you.

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Hey Jeff,

Have you tried AppJetty CommerceXpand? 

It’s a collection of Shopify apps like Bulk Product Editor, Product Bundles, Sticky Cart, Countdown Manager, Back in Store Alerts, and more. 

As per your requirement, you can bulk edit thousands of products in one go. Besides, you can streamline your entire business operation. You won’t need any additional app if you have this one. 

You can learn more about it here - CommerceXpand for Shopify.

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HI @EQL-Jeff 

If you are still looking, take a look at Mixtable. Mixtable's Excel-like spreadsheet allows you to bulk edit your Shopify store's data in a convenient and familiar spreadsheet interface. You can easily select which products to edit, and you can also set the cost of goods.