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I am considering doing a referral campaign where I will reward referrals with credit (i.e. gift cards) of different values based on the number of referrals that have been made. Is it possible to bulk upload a list of email addresses for a specific gift card amount and each person receive their unique gift card information? For instance, say I have 500 people that earned a $25 gift card based on my referral criteria. Can I upload the 500 email addresses and set the gif card criteria and have it be sent out? I would have different tiers/levels of gift cards so would need to repeat this process at each level.

I appreciate anyone's help!


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Hey, Brenna!

Aaron here - I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Currently, there isn't a way to create gift cards in bulk - so if that's the way you'd like to distribute this credit, you'd need to manually issue those cards one by one, which would be an extremely onerous task if you've got hundreds.

What I might suggest instead is issuing discount codes for those customers - those can be set up to fit parameters a little more easily.  Here's the process you'd go through to get that discount up and running:

1. Upload your customers with a CSV, following the doc right over here.  There's a template on that doc; when you're filling it out, put tags on your customers equal to the reward level you'd like to give them; Referral 25 for example, but you can use whatever works for you!

2. Once you have them all uploaded, create customer lists based on those tags.  In the customer page of your admin, you can create those by filtering for the tag you've used, either by typing directly into the search bar or using the filter dropdown.  Once you've run that search, there'll be a 'save this search' option.  Click it and give it a name, and now you've got a customer list!  Any new customers with this tag will automatically be included.

3. Once your lists are set up, you can then create a discount for customers based on lists.  Here's an example of what that might look like!

For this to work, they'll need to be signed in and to have the code that you've set up - this is something you could distribute to them in an email, or put instructions up on a page in your store, whichever you prefer!

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Aaron | Shopify Guru

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Thank you for your reply - I checked out the discount codes more via an online chat and am not sure it will still quite accomplish what I hope (I don't want the codes to become public or to be shared, and if I limit the number of codes I run the risk of someone not being able to use it that I want to use it). Would vouchers work in a similar way to what I explained above - https://docs.voucherify.io/docs/create-your-first-campaign? I didn't know what the real distinction was or if that posed any additional issues. I still prefer a nice gift card that I can design, just trying to think outside of the box still :).

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Hi Brenna,

I'm with Voucherify. Our product helps clients build coupon generation, distribution and tracking unlike legacy coupon software. Voucherify is an infrastructure through API for software developers who are dissatisfied with high-maintenance custom coupon software. We support building referral programs through API (docs).

Let me recap your goals and environment to get a clear understanding.

  • Goal: launch referral campaigns and reward customers who referring new people. You want to reward them by giving the gift cards.
  • Platforms: you have your shop built with Shopify.

The solution which I'd like to propose to you is split by following major aspects: referral campaign wizard, assigning referral code to the customer (referrer), and referral code redemption/usage done by a referee (new customer coming from word of mouth done by referrer).


In voucherify you can launch various types of campaigns - regular discount code, gift vouchers, and referral codes. Definition of referral campaigns (the one which you are interested the most) contains following steps:

  • a reward for the referee (discount which is assigned to referral code and will be given to new customer),
  • a reward for referrer which can have multiple levels,
  • you decide about a channel in which you notify customer: SMS, email, webhook to web service through HTTP (or push notifications which are coming soon).

Publish code

For assigning a referral code to your existing customer from you web app you can use our API (publish method). In case you want to automatize that, you will be able to use Voucherify. We are generating before the end of Q1 2017 possibility to distribute vouchers directly from our service.

Every referrer gets a unique code which is being used to track referred customers.


It is a tricky part in your case. The best solution would be to give you a Shopify plugin which will automatically connect your cart (code redemption step) with Voucherify. Unfortunately, we don't have it yet. It is planned for Q2 2017.

Workaround for rewards to referrers (gift cards) it is pretty simple because you can generate codes with Shopify and upload to Voucherify through CSV. We will use those external codes to send in rewarding automation. Different levels will be separated by campaigns - you will upload codes from a certain level to specific campaign in Voucherify.

Unfortunately, for referral code I don't see workaround at the moment. You would have to wait for our plugin to Shopify. Therefore I'd like to ask if Q2 is acceptable for you? In case it sounds promising please drop me a line via voucherify.io live chat.







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I had a similar issue on my website. After some research I found rise.ai (https://apps.shopify.com/rise-ai) and I have been using it ever since. Rise allows customers to send gift cards in bulk. The software allows you to upload a list of emails and how much money you want to send them. Super simple.


Hope this helps!!



@chavenor well done! That was smart to create a chrome extension to overcome the limitation that the Gift Card API is available on Shopify Plus stores only.

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