Bundle Fulfillment Issues

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I have a question I am hoping someone here will be able to assist. I need to find a way to bundle fulfillments from customers who have purchased multiple items from my store within a restricted time period. The issue I am having is with sales coming from a third party (clickfunnels) They send over each purchase as individual sales instead of sending all purchases in my upsell funnel as 1. I need to find a way to bundle all the sales so we are not sending out each product individually. 


Any and all help appreciated.



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Hey John,

I had this issue too when I was sending orders from Clickfunnels to shopify.

Then I found Shopfunnel.io - a shopify app that solves this problem.

It lets you connect shopify and clickfunnels, and has customization options like:

Order merging - so all of your upsells go to shopify as one order.

Shopify emails - to trigger default shopify emails if you'd like.

Much more!

Its really good. Here's the app link:


Good luck! Hope that helps

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