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I sell interlocking mats. Standard mat size is 6 pieces. How do I bundle together the same product so I can sell: 

REGULAR size: 6 pieces (1 Mat)

LARGE size : 12 pieces (2 mats)

XLARGE size 18 pieces (3 mats)

I need the numbers to be pulled from the same inventory. So that when a person feks. buys a LARGE mat, it pulls 2 mats from our stock. If they buy a XLARGE mat it pulle 3 mats from our stock ect. 


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You would need to bundle each variant up with the component quantity. Our bundle app lets you do this and recalculates available stock based on the components available. When an order come through for one of these items we also split the order up into the correct order lines and quantities so you can fulfil as per normal.

If you would like to test out how our app functions send me an email to tom@channelup.io and I can get my team to guide you to set it up.



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Hi Tiki

Our solution to this problem is to create two bundles:

1st. A bundle with two mats with the title: "Size: Large"

2nd. A bundle with three mats and the title: "Extra Large"


It's better to create two different bundles so that the customer can compare them with each other and decide faster. If you create the bundle in your own way, it may confuse the customer when choosing the variants.


Test our app (Fast Bundle) if you like. It's Free.