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We all understand how confusing setting up a business structure for a business can be. I just want to make sure that my knowledge is heading in the right direction, and get some feedback. FYI I have switched over to selling on amazon to shopify, and I currently don't have any sales on shopify. My business will be ran from home, and I don't have employees. (I also live in Minnesota)


So my shopify store is a POD (print on demand). I talked to an insurance professional who explained that the Business Owner's Policy would be a good idea. I'm not 100% sure since these are printful's products and if I'm 100% liable. I could be wrong. 


Also from my understanding you don't need a business licences in Minnesota for shopify, however it's not a bad idea. Should I prioritize this over insurance? I wouldn't file for an LLC, probably just a sole proprietorship. Also it says the EIN are optional, but do most people get one?


I want to hear from you guys and your experience through this. I know most of you probably aren't an expert in this, but I want to see how the community has gone through this, and maybe more advice on who I can talk to.