Buy Button Code for SqSP: Drop Down Issue

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I am using Shopify to do the back-end commerce for a Squarespace hosted website. I want to use the Shopify "Buy Button" on Squarespace so my customers can check out with Shopify. 

This issue is that my products have different quantities in which it can be bought. For example, Product A can be bought in a "10 Pack", "20 Pack" or "30 Pack". When I insert my Shopify "Buy Button" code into Squarespace, it displays well, but the problem is that the dropdown (which includes "10 Pack", "20 Pack" or "30 Pack") defaults to "10 Pack" as the first option. If we are out of "10 Pack" inventory, then the buy button says "Out of Stock", so it looks like the entire product is sold out even if there are "20 Packs" and "30 Packs" available. 

For example, there are "20 Packs" and "30 Packs" available of this product, but because the Buy Button defaulted to "10 Pack", it looks like the entire design is "Out of Stock". Therefore, any customer shopping this page might skip over this not knowing that the "20 Packs" and "30 Packs" are available.



Is there a way that I can fix this? Thank you!