Buy Button - External Landing Page Tracking

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Hello gang,


I’m using buy buttons on an external website, and am using Shopify purely as a shopping cart (on a subdomain: The external website is setup so that each product has its own landing page.


Google Analytics Enhanced ecommerce tracking is working somewhat (data is similar—but does not match what’s reported on Shopify), however the landing pages are not being tracked correctly.


Conversions will sometimes be attributed to the checkout page (*) instead of the landing page (*). Other times, they will not be tracked at all.


I’ve tried using Google Tag Manager and set up subdomain tracking. My problem is that the checkout page on Shopify does not run the Tag Manager script—It only fires on the “Thank You” page.


Any ideas on how to set this up correctly to get accurate data, and have conversions reported for the landing page instead of the checkout page?


Many thanks :)

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Hi, I have experience in conversion tracking on buy button, so if you are looking for help, just write me on,  regards Lubomir