Buy X Get Y discount code for item not in store

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Hello! I am new to Shopify and my head is spinning at all the options on how to use this site.

The main issue I am having that I would love some assistance with is the Buy X Get Y discount function.

I work at a wedding venue that is starting a new takeout program to try to make some extra revenue while we are unable to host events. We want to offer our previous clients a discount code for if they order any meal from our takeout program, they get a free half dozen cookies with their order. I cannot figure out how to add this correctly as the cookies are not currently on the menu. Do I need to add them in order for someone to get it? Also, I would love for customers to be able to put in the coupon code and just automatically have it come up that they get the cookies. But when I was trying this, it almost seems like they would have to add the cookies to their order first to be able to get the discount?!

HELP!!! I'm so confused and I feel like this should be relatively simple!


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Hi Lindsayscouras,


In shopify if you select Buy X get Y at first you need to select the minimum Quantity and on specific Products or Collection and viceversa were customer get what if he/she buy .So am sharing a app link were you can have Automatic Discount and Stack discount .

Am also sharing the app link: which your problem will sorted out.