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We have a PRE-Sale section on our online store where customers have the chance to pre buy items that have previously sold out, we are expecting soon or are limited in quantity/hot sellers. We have on our site a clear information page re these presales and their terms and conditions.

A customer purchased three items, one of which was in stock and was sent immediately the other two items were pre sales and on the website on the items we mae it very clear these were presale and available end of the month/ start of the next and that they would be sent to the customer as soon as they had arrived.  

When the customer received the first item she emailed asking about the other two - claiming unaware of the delay. The customer had been to the website over 15 times before she purchased so there is no way she would not know.

The client was fine when we explained that they would be arriving soon and that there could possibly be a delay due to covid and we would keep in touch - she was fine and replied as such.

She was sent item two ( on thursday - I sent shipment tracking) and emailed that the other item would be sent the following Monday. 

We had a chargeback raised on the Sunday  by the customers bank claiming she had not received the two items, on the Monday she actually received the item sent on the Thursday and sent it back to us the following day. I called and emailed but this time no response.

She knew the items were arriving had 3-4 days knowing but still had a chargeback issued.

My question is i have the two items sitting here and the total is just under $1000.00 im still waiting for the backs response however if they take the 3-4 months to give the outcome. If the outcome is not in my favour then these items will no longer be " hot sellers" and i will be stuck with them. Shopify have stated that i have compelling evidence so im hoping it is settled in my favour.

Anyone had this type of thing happen before?

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Sorry to hear about your recent chargeback issue. Chargebacks happen all the time to quite a number of merchants. Each merchant deal with it in a different way. It''s one of those things that you must watch out for between balancing good and bad customers.

Reading into your issue, it sounds like the customer was intending to get away with cyber theft despite the constant contact. Unfortunately, as most cases do, the likely hood of you losing the payment is quite high as most banks will side with the customer. 

Once the case is settled it is recommended to keep a record of the bad customer and never allow them to make a new purchase from your site.

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