[CONTACT FORM]: changes & bugs

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Hey Guys,

the standard contact form has a terrible user experience. I want to change some things, but it doenst work.

1. First i need to make the name and textarea fields requiered fiels, but not with the html required attribute but with the shopify validation like its on emai. Of course you dont want the browser behaviour of validate your fields lol.

2. the email of the contact form has the same name like the input field of the newsletter 


If you dont fill out the email, you will get a validation error in the newsletter aswell. double lol

3. I turned of google recaptache in the prefs but it still pops on if i wann sent the email. I dont need that stuff, how can i deactivate it 101%?

4. if you click send the validation is not per ajax... it loads the page.... this is horrible for users and the validation process. is there a chance to modify the javascript?


Thank you in advance and best regards,