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Hi Everyone


I'm looking for suggestions for a tool that integrates with Shopify (it's our main sales channel) and combines the following features. I found several contenders that come close (below). If you have any insight or experience - please share. I would really love to find 1 tool that does it all (switching between multiple apps is clunky, expensive and time-consuming)


In order of importance:

  1. Integrates with Shopify

  2. CRM / Sales Team support ( currently using Hubspot, but it's expensive)

  3. HelpDesk ( customer service aka shared mailbox)

  4. Chat ( from the website that integrates with HelpDesk & CRM - considering Drift & LiveChat, but that's 1 more separate app to use )

  5. Call Center ( right now using for 800 + contacts, but willing to move )

  6. Email Marketing Automation ( using Mailchimp for 15K contacts - monthly newsletters, abandoned cart engagement, eDrip for sales team)

  7. Social-media channels (using SproutSocial right now)

  8. Video-Calling / Conferencing / Screen-sharing ( using Slack & Zoom right now, Hangouts are going away)

  9. Meeting scheduling ( like Calendly)

Bonus points:

  1. Integration with Google Business Suite (or whatever it's called now)

Considering that we already pay for Hubspot, Mailchimp, SproutSocial, Hangouts (via Google, but it's being retired !) and Drift (in the near future), monthly bill racks up quickly! ( And some of these tools duplicate each other)

So if we could combine that into 1 ( or 2 at most ) apps , that integrate with Shopify ( WITHOUT having to again pay for 3rd party integration via Zappier-like tool - or at least without going overboard).

  1. Combines multiple tools

  2. Improves customer service

  3. Keeps everything to 1-2 screens ( our Sales team is very mobile - they work off laptops & phones, so screen real estate or having to open multiple windows is just, counterproductive)

  4. Reduces monthly SAAS bill


These apps hit most (90%) of our requirements.

  1. ZenDesk

    1. They seem to have the best integration with Shopify out of other choices, but as I understand it's in the HelpDesk module not in CRM ( ZenDesk Sell)

  2. Teamwork

    1. Shopify integration with CRM is via Zapier ( which is a problem)

  3. FreshWorks

    1. Pricing is not clear ( when combining multiple modules - it rack up quickly)

  4. User

    1. This was one of the top choices for me initially, but they don't have a Shopify integration (only via Zapier at this point, which quickly will rack up a bill)

  5. Salesforce

    1. This is the 800 gorilla in the room. My previous experience with them was not great - I had a distinct feeling that I was being "SAP"-ing or "Oracling" if you know what I mean, but that was a few years ago. Supposedly they more focus on small business now.

  6. Keep the same hodge-podge of apps & add/switch missing ones

    1. CRM: Hubspot

    2. Helpdesk: GroovHQ or Helpscout

    3. Web & Team Chat: Drift / Shopify Ping / LiveChat

    4. Social Channels: SproutSocial / Buffer / Hootsuite

    5. Email Marketing: Google Suite + MailChimp

    6. Video Calling: Using Zoom & Slask may give Google Hangout Chat a try, as they are working to improve it.

    7. Scheduliyearsng: Google Suite - basically emailing back and forth between people. :D


What are your thoughts? Please share any experiences with any of these apps


18 years + programming experience (Ruby, Javascript, SCSS/SASS/CSS)
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I'm also interested. Following 

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