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I am looking for help on a few issues regarding the CSV export file of Orders.

1 - The csv export includes removed SKUs as well and these is no indication in the file that this lineitem sku was removed. Plus the total amount of order also includes the removed item's price. Since we use the csv file to fulfill these orders (on a COD basis) many orders are sent with extra skus which were removed by the customer/our team and incorrect amount which agitates the customer. Any ideas how to figure out and correct the export file? or any app that can do it for us?


2 - For items with multiple skus, shopify csv file includes one sku in each row reuslting in duplication of order ID at row level. Our fulfillment bulk files will not process duplicate order IDs and hence many skus are left unfulfilled while customer is charged the full amount. Any way to make the second  (and third, fourth) skus appear in the same row as a different column e.g lineitemsku2, lineitemsku3 etc.


3 - Does shopify (or any external app) allow for export of orders in a specific template onto a gsheet?

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Hey there @muhammadmehroze,

Both the Shopify API and Shopify's standard CSV order export will still return the original values when an order is edited and the line item is removed or the quantity decreased.

What seems to happen on the backend is they instead "refund" those line items. Here's a related post about it: https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/API-is-serving-deleted-removed-order-line-items/m-...

We have somewhat of a workaround for this with our EZ Exporter app which we've described here.

Our app can also export directly to a specific sheet/tab in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.  It won't be able to place each Line Item SKU in a separate column, however.  We only support the format where each line item is a separate row similar to the standard Shopify export.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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InstaSheets can help with these.

As with the poster above, we don't have a great solution for the removed items at the moment. I'm glad I caught this post though because I was unaware of the issue with removed items so this created a to-do item for our backlog to address it. Technically, since our app can update Sheets in real-time, it's possible to have one sheet going with orders and another one going with refunds, which would catch the removed items. In the future, we'll add the "orders edited" webhook and listen for edits.

For the issue with multiple line items in a single row, it can handle that, with some customization. You could create a new column in your template for line items, but it would be a bit tedious since you would need to repeat the process for however many line items are your expected maximum. Possible, but requires some DIY. 

As for the template, I think you mean into a specific Google Sheets template, which it can do. It ships with basic templates but they can be customized to send exactly the data you want to the sheet. 

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Happy to help.