Calculating Per Yard/Meter

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I didn't really see this in any of the posts but I could be wrong. I am going to be starting a small fabric business and I was wondering if there was a way of calculating price per yard. This meaning that the customer inputs the amount of yardage of fabric he/she needs given the price for that particular fabric and the total will be given. Is this even possible? I did notice that you can display the weight of the cart. But this seems to be more geared to estimating a shipping charge. Thanks in advance!
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Nobody knows?

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i don’t see any way to do it the way you describe it (customer input)

however, you could do variants for each type of fabric, e.g.
  • variant 1 → one yard
  • variant 2 → two yards
  • variant 3 → three yards
    and so on; with the price entered for each option, with the math done in liquid. should be possible, i think.

maybe have that in an option box.

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I sell fabric too. I have three variants:
  • Full metre
  • Half metre
  • Fat quarter
    The customer adds the chosen variant to the cart and changes the quantity to the needed meters/fat quarters.
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