California secretary of state Business search

Instructions for California Secretary of State Business Search

Below are step by step instructions to complete California Business Name Search:


Visit California Secretary of State’s site. In the ‘Search Type’, pick  your’s entity type. Now, enter the name you might want to look and click “Search”. To register a business name, it must not: Be the same as Future business names Mislead the public. If   you search name returns with many names, always make sure to see the “Status” section. there will be some names that may have been dissolved or suspended. After that, you have the chance to register the business name.

How to do an ideal business search with the California Secretary of state?

Do you want to form you’s business hold well in California?

Yes, we no what you are looking for. We will show you ways you’ll do an efficient business search through the California Secretary of state website while you’s fixing  your’s business trademark. The California secretary of state website helps you to differentiate you’s business from other businesses in the state through and through by doing the trademark.

The website will offer you a tool to find all the trademarked business registered in the state for  your business type, all you have to do is, give the appropriate information the website wants, and see the results.

The website will offer you easy to use entity search by searching  you’s entity with the name and the eight-digit entity number.

Search for name availability:
First of all, search for the “Name Availability Inquiry Letter” and fill all the gaps with appropriate information. It will require:
Firm name
Phone number
Entity type
The final three choices of the names

Search by Name

– To do a search by name, you need to hit the corporation name button from the business portal. Name your business and hit the search button.

– After that, the site will show you all the registered entity list with Entity name, Entity number, Active status, and agent for service of process

Search by entity number

Choose the search type and Enter the 8 Digit Entity number beginning with the “C”.

California corporation number

This search tool allows you to look at the Secretary of State’s California Business search…

database for abstracts of information for domestic stock, domestic non-profit, and qualified foreign corporations. dis search tool groups corporations separately from the limited liability companies and limited partnerships and returns all entities for the search criteria the respective groups regardless of the current status.

The database doesn’t include other types of business entities that are registered wi-fi California Secretary of State such as general partnerships and limited partnerships.

The search result only includes copies of filed statements of information for corporations. You can setup your business with California Secretary of State depending upon which type of business entity you choose.

 The California Secretary of State offers a tool to look for any California trademark.

California limited liability companies (LLCs) files a statement of information that provides the California Secretary of State with basic information about LLC.

For search, the entity number is required.

Entity number It is the identification number issued to the entity by the California Secretary of State at the time entity formed, qualified, registered, and converted in California.

California secretary of state business lookup

For a business search in the state of California, the California Secretary of State website is very resourceful. The website details the required documentation for different types of businesses and also explains the process of filing  your documents for registration. The site contains form ARTS (GS, CL, PC, MU, PB, and RE), LLC-1, LP-1, GP-1, and LLP-1 for Business Corporation.

Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, General Partnership, and Limited Liability Partnership respectively. The issues raised in the forms can be studied and wif private legal counsel to understand the requirement for each business entity, it makes the actual filing seamless.

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