Can 'Bundle' Products be available, but not visible in store as standalone items?

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I have a product, a keyring, which can have additional charms added.

I've set this up through a customisation app to be added when the customer clicks the radio button - all good and working fine.

Except that I don't really want these 'extra' items to be visible in the store as if they can be bought individually, they are there as products only so that they can be added to the order and the additional fee added to the checkout.

Is there a way that they can be set not to show up in search results? I have the extras set up with no tags so they don't come up in the menu, but searching for 'keyring' for example will bring them up in the search results.

Appreciate any help on this. Thank you

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You will have to adjust all templates that output products to skip those products, bearing in mind this will affect pagination in big collections.


Typically you'd use either the products type,vendor,tags or metafields in the logic to identify those products.

Find all the relevant product loops and in the simplest cases use a continue statement to skip that product in the loop:

{%- if product.vendor == "supplier" -%}{%- continue -%}{%- endif -%}


This is staring point code and will not work in all themes and situations.

Merchants needing this customization for their bundling solution can reach me at with store url, theme name, and usecase details.


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