Can Cannabis Seeds be Sold on Shopify in the UK.

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I wanted to get some answers from Shopify before I helped a client get setup here.

My client has a business that sells cannabis seeds online. They are located in the UK it is completely legal to sell cannabis seeds for collection purposes. They've been online for a few years already, but are thinking of moving over to shopify from magento. 

They are legitimate businesses and have been in business for years.

My Questions:

  • Can they sell on Shopify? 
  • Do they need to worry about getting kicked off if Shopify?

I need confirmation that they will not be kicked off Shopify

I only ask because I want to be sure that I am giving my client completely factual information.


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I believe it is acceptable to sell CBD products on the platform as long as you use a payment gateway other than Shopify’s default payment processor.

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While I'm not sure about the answer to the OP's question, I see it has something to do with the gateway used for processing the payment. That brings me to a personal question (which might help the OP as well in somehow if I receive an answer). What's the law regarding payment that has the beneficiary a dispensary? I'm taking steps towards opening my own, in California, and I'm trying to make everything in a legal and safe manner. I get the majority of my info from a site that has this exact purpose, helping to pave the way for the new business opportunities that arise from the legalization of cannabis. It's of great help, especially with the legal part that the majority struggles with.