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I have just bought an established Shopify store and want to start trading as soon as possible. The previous owner was based in the USA and had access to Shopify Pay. I am based in Europe and cannot use Shopify pay so I am switching to Paymill. My question is whilst I am awaiting approval from Paymill can I still trade? I already have a purchase pending so I suppose I can but where does that money go and can I continue to promote and run the store whilst I await my Paymill approval? Appreciate any insights.

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Hi @charcoal-beauty,


Nick here from Shopify. First of all, congratulations on buying your store! 


This is a great question. I looked into this with our financial services team who mentioned, this is hard to tell without looking into your admin/ payment gateway settings for a closer look. For example with Shopify Payments it allows you to still take orders even if you haven't fully set the gateway up, but each other gateway would be different and it might not be the same. Something to note is that if you were able to accept an order, then it seems like Paymill might allow it. It could be worth your while reaching out to Paymill directly about this to be sure. 


In the meantime, it might be worth someone from the Shopify side to take a look for you to be sure? If you'd like I could send you a direct email about this to verify some details make sure everything is set up correctly in the gateway settings. You could also reach out to our support team about it directly here. Let me know if you'd like this and we can take it from there.  


Hope this helps!


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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