Can I change my shop to a product catalog instead of an online store?

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I live in a country (Uganda) where online shopping hasn't really caught on yet. We get about 1 or 2 orders per month - most people find our contact info on the website and call, whatsapp or email us to order. 


In addition, we ship a lot or orders to Kenya our neighbor - they often find our website and then will email us or whatsapp to place an order. But our online shop is in Ugandan currency so they always have to ask for a Kenyan price list.


Also, we sell some items through Etsy in the US and Uk and have some distributors in other countries. So we will often get people trying to order on our site from other countries, but we don't ship out individual orders from Uganda because it's way to expensive.


So, I want to change my website to an online catalog instead of a store - with a page on where to buy our products in different countries. I do not want people to be able to order through the website. In the catalog, I would like to list prices in both Ugandan and Kenyan shillings to make it easier for our Kenyan customers.


Is it possible to do this on the Shopify platform? I am considering switching to wordpress/woo commerce because I have found instructions online on how to do that but I love shopify and it would be so much easier and faster if I can just convert my existing site to a catalog. 


Thank you! 


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When you edit your theme, on your Collection pages change the Layout setting to List instead of Grid. It will then look like a catalog.
But you will need to upload your own product photos and in their descriptions give the links to the stores you want to promote. 
Show products as "sold out" if someone tries to buy directly from your cart . The main idea of Shopify is the shopping cart. If you don't want to use it, Wordpress may be a cheaper solution.