Can I create a "kit" sku made up of multiple skus?

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Hi, We sell skincare products for people with acne and problem skin. We'd love to create kits made up of multiple products.

Of course, for each kit we could create an actual SKU, one enclosed in its own box that contains the items of the kit. But it'd be far easier to sell a kit and have our fulfillment service assemble the kit from our regular inventory. 

If this were possible we could easily create a greater variety of kits. We could pass the savings on shipping onto our customers and increase our average order value.   

Is there a way to do this with Shopify? In other words, can I create a SKU that's made up of several other SKUs? 


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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You'd probably be looking at an app like Product Bundles to do something like this. It's got a 15 day free trial and great reviews. They have a variety of different options on how the functionality works and I think this might work for your situation.

There is no way to create a SKU made up of other SKUs unfortunately.

I hope this helps,


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This is usually solved at the fulfillment software or fulfillment company level. What fulfillment service are you using?

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I'd Like to do the same with my store. The fulfillment side of things is easy the hard part is allowing my customers to just buy one thing that gets them the full package so they don't have to select each item and so I can offer a bundled discount. Has anyone figured this out or is it another simple request that I have to pay extra for?