Can I have Same products selling on two different domains targeting two different countries?

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Hello there,


I'm writing for my client.


My client has a store selling stuffs on .com site(US target).
Now he wants to setup a site for Canada offering exactly same products in .ca domain.


Now my question is, is there any option to have those two domains be managed from one shopify account and setup with same products just targeting two different regions.


Also any guideline regarding this will help a lot.


BTW, both type of domains are bought from shopify.


If not, then can the site be shifted to .ca domain easily? If so, how and also how to redirect that .com site to .ca site?


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.



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Hi, your client can absolutely have 1 store admin that manages multiple domains. Adding a second domain is the same as adding the first. You can just follow these instructions:


Once you have both domains added to the store, you just need to set one to your primary domain. Follow these instructions for that:

From there, if you'd like to have both domains redirect to the primary, confirm that the setting in the Domains admin is set to "Traffic from all your domains redirects to this primary domain." If you'd like to disable the redirection, which means that customers can browse either the .ca or the .com domain, then just click the "Disable redirection" link and confirm.


Hope that helps

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If I don't redirect and customer can buy from any domain, then can I add hreflang code to different two domains?
For example, en-us for .com, and en-ca for .ca through shopify? If so, how can I do that? Or just hreflang "en" only will remain through both domains?