Can I make my domain take my customers straight to my product page and not the home page?


So i'm super new to shopify and i'm used to reselling. So my 3 years of online sales are all on other platforms so i'm not to knowledgeable on here. So my question is this; Can i somehow edit my domain so that when customers click my link or type in my domain into their browser it loads straight to my product page and not the home page of my store? Or is my only option to change my url on my social media accounts to like "" ?



Thanks in advance!

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Hi Barkazon,


There's not a super clean way to do it. In a perfect world, you could just create a URL redirect. However, Shopify only lets you create URL redirects for pages that would otherwise 404.


You can do a client-side URL redirect by updating your theme.liquid similar to this:

  {% if request.page_type == 'index' %}
  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL='https://link-to-your-product-page/'" />
    body { display: none; }
  {% endif %}

This is a bit of a hack, though, and will be slower than just linking the user directly to your product page.


Another alternative, which is more correct but takes more effort from you, would be to update your theme so that your main page _was_ the product page.


Hope that helps, good luck!

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