Can I sell my products in 2 different currencies in my store?

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I want to sell my product to Canada and USA. Is that possible to set the price of the product in 2 different currencies? Then, my customer in Canada can pay the amount I set in CAD, and the customer in USA pay the product at the price I set in USD.

Thank you!

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This is an accepted solution.

Yes you can Follow these steps 

Step 1: Set up Shopify Payments to use multiple currencies

Edit your Shopify Payment settings to add the currencies that you want your store to accept.

  1. In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  2. In the Currencies section, enable the currencies that you want to support from the list of accepted currencies.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Optional: Enable rounding rules to make your converted prices more consistent.
  5. Optional: Customize the rounding rules to control how your prices look in the new currency. For example, if you want all your prices to end in $0.95, then choose $0.95.


Custom rounding rules are available only on the Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and Shopify Plus plans.

Step 2: Enable a currency selector

A currency selector enables your customer to select their local currency. Most themes don't include a currency selector for selling in multiple currencies. You can use the Geolocation app to add a currency selector, or you can work with a Shopify partner to add a currency selector to your theme.

To learn more, refer to enabling a currency selector.


Step 3: Test your customer's experience

Visit your online store as if you were a customer, select a different currency, and test your customer's experience. Make sure that your prices appear as you'd expect in your different currencies and that your apps and customizations continue to work as expected.

Regards: Ahmad

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Thank you so much! I made it! Thank you for your professional help!

There are 2 new questions,

1: the currency option is showed at the bottom of the page. Is that possible to move the currency option to the top of the page so that the customers can see it as soon as they enter the website?

2: the currency options I created are CAD and USD. Customers can see the currency only when they are working on the option, but the rest of the pages are all in '$' sign, which looks no difference to them. If the customer forgets to choose the currency option, he might make the payment in the wrong currency.  Is there any way to avoid this mistake? For example, using CAD or USD instead of '$' sign.

Thank you! 

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This is an accepted solution.

Your First Question Answer 


Adding a currency selector

If you add a currency selector to your theme, then your customers can choose their preferred currency from a dropdown list of currencies. Currency selectors are built into some themes or can be added through the Geolocation app. The Geolocation app also allows you to prompt customers to switch to their local currency based on their IP address.


App recommendation

If you are on the Shopify Plus plan, then your store will automatically set your customers' currency based on their IP. If you are on another plan, then you can give customers the option to switch to their local currency by using the free Geolocation app by Shopify. The Geolocation app makes language and currency recommendations to your customers based on their geographic location, and browser or device language. The Geolocation app also adds a selector in the footer of your online store that allows your customers to choose their language and currency.

Add a currency selector to your store's navigation menu


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.

  • Click the title of your main menu.

  • Click Add menu item, and enter a title for your currency selector such as Currency. If you don't want the header to link to anything, then you can enter # in the Link field.

  • Click Add menu item to add links to the currencies that you support.

  • In the Name field, enter the name of the currency that you want for the menu.

  • Enter a link to your store that includes the currency code that matches the currency you are adding to the menu. For example,, for Euros. Refer to the list provided about manually switching currencies.

  • Click and drag the menu items to nest below the title of your currency selector:



  • Similarly, add more menu items for all the currencies that you use.

  • Click Save menu.


And Your Second Question Answer is:


You can change the formatting of your prices - in your admin, head to settings > general. There's a section there called standards and formats, just click on that to open the options for currency formatting:




Remove all instances of the $ or USD, like so:




And you should be all set!
Email or Ping me if you are facing any problem 
Regards: Ahmad


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Thank you sooooo much for the detailed reply! It's really helpful!!! I do appreciate it!

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