Can I use Shopify Payment LEGALLY, if I have an SSN but I'm NOT a US Resident/Citizen

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This is my first question and straight forward one. 


I have a registered LLC company in WY, Business Checking account with Mercury. I have EIN for my business and I have an SSN that I used to register to get the EIN from IRS. However, I am NOT a Citizen or Resident of USA. I got my SSN 20 years ago as an International student in the US but it is still valid as it was used to process my EIN application. Note that my customers will be from all the world (especially the Middle East) and I will be operating from the UAE.


Given this, can I legally use Shopify Payments? The Shopify Payment terms are designed to confuse people, for instance it says"


By registering for a Shopify Payments Account, you are confirming that you are either a legal resident of United States or you are duly established and, if necessary, registered or licensed as a business entity authorized to conduct business in United States. The Payments Services and Shopify Payments Account may only be used in United States.


What does can ONLY be used in the United States mean? In Ecommerce a customer can come from anywhere. so If my company is registered in the US but customers are from elsewhere I am physically NOT present in the US, can I or can I NOT use Shopify payment?

So, please confirm, and please do NOT mislead if you don't know the answer. A lot of people may get confused from an incomplete vague answer.


I'd much rather use Stripe even with the 2% extra fee but Shopify won't let me if I am a registered US company. and I know the reason, so GURUS no need to repeat the same thing "Stripe is the backbone of Shopify Payment"..  Please, your compliance to the request is much appreciated.,

Thanks in advance for your efforts in finding out the correct answer.