Can a hero banner be automatically scheduled?

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I'm runnning 24 hour flash sales on a site and I'd like to put up banners on the homepage hero banner promoting it. This isn't hard to do in and of itself, except that promo codes and sale apps all start sales at 12:01 AM and end at 11:59PM so I have to wake up in the middle of the night to make these chages.

I would really like to schedule this, but it's not a function that's built into my theme. Does anyone know of an app or any kind of hack to do this?

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Hi Kellis,

Cian here from Shopify. Thanks for getting in touch.

It's never fun losing out on sleep! There are some 3rd party applications in the app store that allow you to schedule and run sales at specific times. Here are 2 such examples that you could explore:

Product Discount - Daily Deals, Flash Sales & Countdown Sales:

The Motivator:

Hope that helps.

All the best!



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A non-app/hack way to do it would be to set up your hero banner in a 'latest blog post' sort of way because you can schedule blog posts. This would probably require redeveloping your hero banner area a bit though.

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Hi @Kellis_Landrum1! I'm little late to the party here 😅


If you're looking to schedule banners check out

Alex Daro | Founder/Developer @
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Hi @Kellis_Landrum1, this was a common request by clients so I created an app for scheduling images. Check out Otto, It's a tool that allows you to schedule images and automatically change them out. A common placement is the hero banner but with Otto you can schedule images anywhere in your site.

Feel free to reach out to for any assistance.