Can a single Shopify site be used for a franchise model with separately owned stores/branches?

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Hi peeps,

We have a shopify site parked as we have gotten to a bottleneck. Our business model has three separately owned branches, similar to a franchise system. Each branch has it's own Xero and Cin7 (Inventory Management) account. We can route the orders to the correct branch, what the issue is how do we get the money to follow the order. 

Previously the advise for the work around was to have all the money go into a holding account and then disperse it but that would be a GST and administrative nightmare.

Has there been an update where we can run one shopify site supporting three individually owned branches?

Appreciate any advice.


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hey there,

am about to get into the same boat, how'd you end up solving your scenario?
am starting my 1st branch and opening a couple more kiosk stores and wanted to have the online order route to the correct branch with the money flow for tracking and all that goodness.