Can anyone recommend a professional screen printing company?

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Hi! I am starting up my own clothing line, and want to start with clothing with my logo on it. I don't want it to be the basic heat transfer that small shops use. I am looking for a professional company with multiple options for ink/dye etc... Does anyone out there recommend any from personal experience?



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Marisa,

We have an excellent app that would be great for what you are trying to do!

Printify is #1 fastest and easiest solution to sell digital art on Shopify. You only need 1 min and 1 image.

As soon as the upload is done, Printify generates 500+ unique product variations with your design. All the products are automatically uploaded to your store with detailed product descriptions.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck :)


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Hi Marisa,

Samantha has presented a great solution in Printify. What's great about Printify is that you don't need to hold a lot of inventory and can fulfill 1 item at a time, rather than hold a whole bunch of stock.

However, you should know that Printify also uses Direct to Garment printing which, depending on the type of look and feel you are going for may not be as close to the more traditional screen printed Ink solution you see on most major brands. 

A great company that does has TONS of options for types of clothing as well as embroidery is 

Threadbird does lots of different ink styles including Plastisol, Discharge and Waterbased inks along with a number premium options as well. 

Good luck!




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There are several different ways to print t-shirts, and some of them are higher quality than others. You also have to factor in quantity versus quality in the print result. Basically, the more shirts you want to get printed a time, the more options you have and the higher quality print processes can be used. But if you need only a couple, you'll need to settle for lower quality printing.

Lower quality print options include DTG, and sometimes heat press transfers.

Higher quality print options include screen printing (great for cotton and blend fabrics) and dye sublimation (great for 100% poly), if you're able to get 48 or more pieces printed at a time.

Screen printing has a lot of set up and breakdown time involved, compared to DTG, which is why the price scales with quantity. 

Within screen printing itself, you have various levels of quality, from heavy plastisol printing (where it feels like thick printing on the shirt), to discharge and waterbased inks, which are essentially part of the shirt, and come out super soft.

One shop known for high quality and discharge printing is Vacord Screen Printing in the Philadelphia area.