Can customer accounts be used to create recurring orders?

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I'm wondering if Shopify customer accounts can be used for creating manual regular / recurring customer orders?

Or if the code can be edited to allow for this?

Otherwise, any app suggestions for manual subscription orders i.e. allow us to create a subscription / recurring order on behalf of the customer. 


Our store needs a way to offer our customers an automated or semi-automated recurring order - weekly, fortnightly, monthly. 

I installed a recurring order / subscription app however it has been developed for digital content or products / services not in limited supply. Our products are perishable and are limited by a maximum weekly quota. 

It was suggested by the app developer to manually monitor subscriptions etc. but this just isn't feasible and still has the potential to allow more subscribers than available product. 

i.e. if we have 50 x product #1 available every week, and our subscribers grow incrementally each week e.g. 10 in week 1, 10 in week 2 and so-on within 5 weeks we have reached our maximum weekly quota, not including fortnightly or monthly orders. 

You can see that by using an app that allows more subscribers to sign-up as soon as our inventory is updated on the website each week, we could easily have more subscribers than available product! 

We sell a perishable product that is in constant demand so customers are always looking for ways to secure regular ongoing orders and we hope to provide them with this service. 

We are working on scaling-up production to meet anticipated demand but this takes months.  

For a more reliable approach, we are thinking of a manual allocation for recurring orders, using a form on the website to collect requests - we can then use this to reduce the available product on the website accordingly. 

Question: Can Shopify customer accounts be used for something like this?

Desired Features

  • offer up-front discounts by tagging certain customer accounts rather than offering a discount code; 
  • customers able to log-in to their account to access their personal, payment and subscription information and update themselves