Can i use AliExpress images on my website?

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i was wondering if i am allowed to use product images that are on AliExpress. I'm sort of unsure about the whole copyright thing. I know that Shopify did mention in an article that you can use their pictures, but it was quite brief. Just wanted to make sure. Is there anything i have to do? Thank you! Advice on what to do is appreciated :)

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Hey, Ada! 

Trevor the Guru here, 

You're more than welcome to use the photos that are shown on Aliexpress. The photos used on their platform are open source images so you don't need to worry about copyright issues by using the photos they provide. 

If you have the chance, I'd suggest ordering the products you're putting on your website and taking your own product photos. Doing so not only shows you the quality of the product but it also provides better product photos which can help with converting traffic into sales. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support through phones or chats!

Happy selling!

Trevor M

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Hi Trevor, :)

is it allowed to use on website and social media pictures showing models wearing a specific product? eg. sunglasses

there's plenty of wholesalers on Aliexpress that display pictures of girls wearing sunglasses and I'm quite sure they haven't done their own photoshooting, but might have purchased the rights to use them? and consequently we inherit those rights as dropshippers?

thanks a lot for your advice!! :)