Can products show up to different domains?

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Hi everyone.  I have a digital art site and I want to expand to try to save my business during covid so I have an opportunity to drop ship a few pet products.  It won't fit with my theme of digital art and I don't have enough money to buy a whole new website.  Since Shopify allows multiple sub domains is there a way that the second (pet) domain could show only the products I dedicate to that domain? so they wouldn't be confused with the art stuff? 


Thank you for your help

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The subdomain would still need to point to a server (either your current store or a new store) so I don't think that would work.

But a couple other ideas:

1) Since you sell art, maybe you could try selling print on demand products? There are a lot of apps for this: I think Printful is the most popular.

With those products they don't cost you anything until you make the sale.

2) You can try adding a tip button to your site to boost sales, and if you have a strong community you could even send an honest message that you're struggling, or better yet think of something you can do of value and charge donation only. You can use Tip Jar to do those.

3) Rather than try to start a new random business I would double down on your marketing efforts. Start posting in social media, forums, etc every day. Work on partnerships, for example find people in your niche and give them a commission for referring sales (affiliate marketing).

Oh another idea related to #2, what if you put a product up for a free giveaway, to enter the person just has to make a donation... then send that out to your audience, then after X days randomly select a winner from everyone that entered, then do a blog post celebrating the winner and how fun the contest was. Who knows maybe you'll get a ton of donations and that could become a new business model.

Good luck!


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