Can’t connect my Shopify to my Facebook account

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I am having the same issue with my connectivity to the Facebook sales channel. I viewed your screenshots and they are the same as mine - once you reconnect you are taken to another page that indicates the connection was successful. But shortly thereafter, I receive and email from Shopify saying "we noticed your store is not connected to Facebook". And the cycle repeats itself. I have reached out to support via chat and my ticket (ID is 12233034) was sent to the "Shopify Escalation Team", for whatever that's worth. Here is the response I received:


Dale C (Shopify)

Mar 5, 05:00 EST


I’m Dale, from Shopify's Escalated Support Team.

I'm reaching out today in regards to the disconnect issue that your shop has been experiencing with the Facebook Sales Channel.

Over the course of this issue's history, we have been working extensively with both our own developers as well as Facebook's engineering team. Despite this, we have been unable to come to a resolution on how to proceed with this issue.

At this time, both Shopify's and Facebook's teams have been dedicating their time to improving the functionality of this channel in order to maximize your selling potential with the connection between your Shopify store and your Social media account. We see great success for our merchants, and want everyone to be able to have this positive experience.

We have seen some success over time with accessing your store via the Shopify Mobile app and attempting to connect your Facebook page. This is currently the only work around we have.

That being said, for the time being we wish to inform you that your Facebook Sales Channel may remain disconnected. We have seen many of these instances correct themselves in time, so please be sure to test your connection periodically if you still wish to have this channel set up.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Kind Regards,

Dale C,

Shopify Escalated Support | | Contact Support


Essentially saying, we are aware of the problem (as we've had it for quite some time) and no fix is readily available. Does not seem like the type of issue that resolves itself. Frustrating to hear they are working hard on functionality issues (wow, great) when other subscribing stores cannot even connect. Wish I was the beneficiary of those dedicated efforts. Hoping someone from Shopify sees this thread and can chime in with a solution or at least display some interest in wanting to correct the issue. Not being able to connect to Facebook also affects the ability to tag products for posts in Instagram - which is ultimately my goal here. Is there anyone out in the Shopify community universe that has ever had this problem rectified? And I mean beyond the obvious easy solutions like browser issues or disconnecting and then reconnecting. No offense, but I'm we've all tried those a million times. Seems like this is a deeper technical issue. Shopify...please help.

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Could you take a look at the post I just made at the end of this thread and give me your expert advice? I appreciate your help!




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I'm glad I'm not alone here.   Very new to Shopify, just working to set up my store.   Really liking most other bits though.

@Sean-Beartooth wrote:



Could you take a look at the post I just made at the end of this thread and give me your expert advice? I appreciate your help!





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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello, everyone!


Thank you for sharing your concerns here. Our developers have been working closely with the Facebook devs to find a quick resolution to the issue. Thankfully, we have been receiving reports of the channel connecting once again. If you're still unable to connect the account, there are a few troubleshooting steps to try.


First, if the account is not connecting to your Shopify store, attempt to make the connection on a private/incognito browser tab to rule out any cache issues. I would also ensure that your browsers are completely up to date. We suggest using the Chrome browser as it's been found to be the most compatible. 


Second, if your accounts are connected but you run into a content error when you select 'View Facebook Page', please follow the troubleshooting steps in this forum post here. You will also want to ensure that the Facebook page is published. 



Anders | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi, I'm having the same issue here too. Can you help? Thanks.

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I have the same issue as well. My site was connected for 4 years and suddenly mysteriously disconnected. 

I've contacted both Facebook support and Shopify and neither could suggest a working solution. This issue has been going on since 2016 and it's disappointing that they haven't resolved the issue yet. 


I've attempted:

- reconnecting in incognito to avoid caching clashes

- deleting the app and reinstalling

- deleting and reinstalling via the Shopify mobile app. 


If any one has found another solution, I'd welcome it greatly


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We are having the same issue with two accounts. We try to connect to Facebook but it doesn't allow us to select a business page and it says we need permission to connect. It was working fine but one account stopped a few months ago and the other stopped two days ago. Please help. 

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We are in the same boat. If we try to connect to Facebook but no popup to select the page. If I use another FB account, then it shows up and works just fine. So it's defenitely some attribute Shopify stores for each FB account in their data base. But I'm in touch with support now for 2 weeks and they have still no clue. They have reported the problem to their FB developpers......they told me.
I'm just wondering why they can't escalate such a problem where so many users stuck with.

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Exact same issue here, have been connected with no problems for almost a year now and all of a sudden my FB page is disconnected and when I try to reconnect the options are greyed out and then it gives me an error when I click done!

Not happy Jan!!

Have logged issue with Shopify support, but from the sounds of it, not going to get very far!!

Really disappointing Shopify! This is a crucial part of all our business' and as it was said also affects Instagram.

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I have a solution with a great deal of thanks to @bernadettebuquia from Shopify Support this has worked for me and I hope it does for you as well. Note that if you've got more than one store affected you need to do it for each and removing the business integration doesn't seem to have affected the first store that I reconnected.  Do this all inPrivate or incognito and log out of Facebook in any other browsers, just to be safe! But anyways, give this a go....


``First, delete the Facebook sales channel from your Shopify admin by going to Settings > Sales Channels and hitting the trash icon. When you add it back (through add sales channel), you should see Connect account, rather than Reconnect account`.

Now you'll need to disconnect and reconnect Shopify permissions on your Facebook account.

  • Make sure you're logged into the store with the Facebook page you want to grant permissions to.
  • Go to Settings
    > Business Integrations - here's a direct link
  • Remove the integration that is giving the error, in this case: Shopify.
  • After removing the integration, log out of Facebook entirely.
  • Log back into Facebook on a private browsing window (like incognito in Chrome. Or a browser you don't use often to rule out a cache issue).

Go back to Shopify and attempt to connect the Facebook page in the Facebook Sales channel.```