Can't make my shopify products viewed in facebook catalog

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Guys can you help out?

Massive bummer... started doing droppshiping website and all is good until i try to set up facebook and insta shops. 

1)Facebook keeps telling me that my products aren't approved 

2)Keep seeing "We're completing a standard review on your Commerce account" when on commerce manager does that mean i can't do some things or what?

3)On the shop section cant press edit cause "You need at least 1 product in your catalogue to edit your shop. Go to Catalogue to add products. " which tell me i have 3 options how to edit catalog none of which work 

4)pixel thingy i supposably have it but it says it's not ready...not sure if it is used to transfer products info from website to facebook store... is it tho?

Interface is so poorly done tbh... really frustrating... guys (@facebook @shopify ) come on get a proper UX team and organize stuff better, i see text everywhere but can't do stuff.