Can we Create Customized Item Options

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So My Business Idea is to Create a Store in which i want to create a set of products which  can be customized  - 

For Example

1. Customer Selected a Product like a (Bag)

2. Customer wants to change the Product Cloth Type Like Leather

3. Customer want to change the color for a particular part of the bag

4. Customer wants to put there name on the bag

Are these things possible in shopify ?

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Welcome to community, yes a lot of things are possible for others you can either buy an app or get it custom made with a Shopify partner/expert.


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Hi @Nikhil11 

Yes, you can create a set of products which can be customized by using the Infinite Options app by ShopPad Inc.. With Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc., now you can let your customers design their own wanted product to purchase. By using Infinite Options, the customers are allowed to customize their products in text, numbers, calendars, etc and all of these options are created by you. In order to boost sales by charging additional costs on several aspects, Infinite Options provides you a product bundle feature. All the fields of your products can be set as optional or required and along with that, you can control your store’s placeholder and the default values which is convenient for both you and your customers in the products customizing session. If you want to experience all of these features that will surely amaze your customers a lot, install Infinite Options for free.

Highlight features:

  • Create unlimited custom options for products
  • Allow buyers to customize products
  • Use product bundle feature to boost sales
  • Fields can be set as optional or required
  • Control placeholder and default values

Price: Free

Rating: 2703 - 4.9 / 5

Also, there are many Shopify apps that let you create customized item option, you can get them and the Infinite Options app here.

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NOT FREE. There used to be a free option, but unless you previously installed it I don't believe you can still get that. The only free solution I've seen is "Infinite Product Options" and I have yet to get that working with a site. I'm all for Shopify wanting to push extended/specialized features onto developers, but I am tired of looking for a solution to a problem that should simply be an included feature within shopify. My newest Shopify pet peeve is finding apps that say they're FREE but turns out they're only free to install, but then require a monthly cost that my clients will never want to pay. I work with jewelry designers and ring sizes. None of them want to keep track of inventory for like 20 variants of ring sizes when they may only have the components to create just a few rings of that certain style. If it was a one time fee, I could probably sell them on it. A recurring fee on top of Shopify's monthly fees for a feature that should already be included? Never gonna happen. Basic product options should be included with a Shopify plan. /end rant


Hello Nikhil,

Yes, you can cstomized your product using Shopify Product Designer. Shopify Product Customizer enables you to offer product personalization to your customers. Using best print on demand Shopify product customizer, your customers can design and create Shopify personalized products like Bag, t-shirt, business card, mug, mobile cover, etc. available on your Shopify Store.