Can we PLEASE have an option to define "country of origin" for international shipments?

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Create shipping label > edit customs info > Country of Origin

Why do I always have to scroll through the list to pick United States?  How many people are actually regularly shipping from multiple countries?  

Could we PLEASE be given an option to permanently define our shipping country of origin?  It's frankly embarrassing that I even have to request something this basic.

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Hi there, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

I completely understand what you mean. While shipping from multiple countries might not be on every store, it is something a lot of stores use and Shopify does not want to assume any aspect of the details of someone's business, but I can see the benefits of being able to determine/ label what you are asking when a store is sure of where they are shipping from and it is constant. I will pass this along to the correct team as a feature request on your behalf for the future. Thank you for messaging and bringing this to our attention also, we love to hear feedback and always want to constantly improve the platform, so this is appreciated. 

Thanks again and all the best. 


Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you Nick!

A simple option in Settings for shipping to "Set country of origin for international shipments" with a "choose each time" or "set to: (choose country)" etc. would be quite welcome, thanks.

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Any movement on this?  We send out thousands of products to international clients every year and each of those requires clicking a dropdown menu.  It is beyond frustrating to think of how much time we've wasted on this.

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I agree with Nick - put in a shopify setting if you're a 1 'country of origin' shop.


Another option - add 'Country of Origin' to the shopify product batch file import.  Then 

  1) Shopify Customers with 1 country of origin can just set a batch file with the same country for all products, AND

  2) Shopify Customers with varying countries of origin can set a batch file with the correct country of origin for each product.


This would alleviate the incredibly non-functional country of origin setting as it exists now.  Even you the bulk product or inventory update in shopify performs like a dinosaur caught in it is literally slow to the point of non-functioning.