Can we set a fixed tax rate for both local & international buyers?

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Hope all is well everyone.  We are running a Physical flower shop here in Vancouver canada, and recently launched our Shopify website so aside from local sales people from outside of Canada can also buy from us.  Regardless of where the orders are coming from, we deliver their order locally within Vancouver Canada.  Here’s a perfect example:  someone from the UK purchased a flower from us via Shopify, and want us to deliver the flowers to her mum who lives here in Vancouver on Mother’s Day. 


We noticed that during the past few weeks we have received some order from the US, UK, or some other provinces in Canada, and Shopify charges different tax rates based on different locations of the buyers.  For instance for the US buyers, Shopify didn’t charge any tax at all.


Due to the nature of our business — no matter where the orders are made, we only deliver the flowers locally, therefore the tax rate, according to our tax accountant, should always be the same for everyone, that is always 12%. (5% GST + 7% PST) 


I tried to look for an option to standardize the tax rate for both local and international orders, but then have yet to find anything.. so I’m wondering if anyone here have the same issue, or have any solution to that?  


Many thanks!