Can we track Shopify UTM's within Shopify?

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and with no connection to Google Analytics?
I can see the basics in the shopify reporting, but I need to see actual $$ related to different UTM's based on date ranges.


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Hi Jason!

As it stands right now, there is no way to track UTM's in the specific way you're requiring.  Like you mentioned, in your Online Store overview report, you can track the UTM URLs, but there's no way to specify the monetary value, or date range.  In this case, the data would either need to be viewed through Google Analytics, or you can use an app installed within your store to pull that data from Google Analytics.

Taking a look at our App Store, it looks like Compass may be able to help you.  It can integrate with the data from Google Analytics and display the approcpriate information for you :)  Cyfe is another one.  It has a few more features, and a greater breadth of functionality, as well.

I also came across an app called Fablify, which seems to be the closest thing to what you're looking for.  This should allow you to create those links, and gives you an easy interface to measure their monetary value :)

- Jordan | Shopify Guru
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