Can you Bulk Delete images?

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Ive done mass upload of image links and worked great, but, the old images are still in all the old products.  I haven't been able to figure out if this can be done. 

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Hello @TheOilMan

Ren here from the Shopify Support team. 

The easiest way to accomplish deleting in bulk would be to export your products to a CSV using the steps here, removing the images in question from the images column and re-importing to your Shopify admin.

You may also be able to utilize a third-party app like PixPix. There's a free trial so give it a spin!

Are the old images just a different quality or different product altogether? What's prompting the need to change/remove them? 

Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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Hey @TheOilMan ,

Were you able to mass delete images across different products?

If not, I have a solution that could work. With Dropzone, you can see multiple products in one page. 

And, because you can view multiple products and all the product's images in one page, it makes it easier to delete them.

Please see the attached GIF for how this works. (If the GIF is not loading - you can view it here )

delete images.gif

This could work if you want to delete images acorss different products quickly..

But please note that if you want to bulk delete thousands of images in one go, then this is not the ideal solution.

Let me know if you are interested in Dropzone.. Its on the App Store.
If you want to test this more than 10 products that are on the free trial - please send me an email to and I would gladly hook you up.