Can you sell on shopify as an individual?

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Hello, I have just registered for a Shopify store and paid for my plan. However, in order for me to have proper payout transfers, Shopify is asking me to provide business creation documents including business bank statement, business license, supplier invoices. I am an individual and haven't registered for my business. I haven't even had the suppliers and haven't had any buyers yet. Do I need to register my business in order to sell on Shopify? Are individuals not allowed to sell on Shopify? 

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Of course you can sell on Shopify as an individual.

But whether it's required to have a business license or not depends on several factors. Such as the products that your're selling (as different types of products are under different regulations), the law of your country or state, you do dropshipping or not...

Yet to obtain a business license can be much of paperwork, so I think you should just start selling first and doing some researches on related regulations at the same time. Then you can decide yourself.


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Hi @passionatelivin,


To throw more light on what @Garcia_Ivye said, registering a business gives you unique identity and protects it. That is, until your business goes bankrupt and is dissolved, no one can ever register or use the same name. It also helps build a brand for yourself. Some customers want to be associated with a brand and building one for yourself, with a legal recognition, can go a long way to have a positive effect on your business. Hence, I advice that you take this in good faith and use it as an opportunity to do the right thing.





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