Canadian store confused about shipping!

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I’m in the process of building my store and I’ve been a little confused about some aspects of shipping as a Canadian store.

How do you guys deal with shipping US orders? Canada Post rates to the US seem very high.

As I understand, you can’t generate return labels from Shopify as a Canadian merchant. How do you guys deal with customer returns? What’s your process?

Any information would really be helpful. Thanks


Hi @ShaneClark ,


We don't ship through Shopify. 


We have a Canada Post account. Over time your volumes will create bigger discounts with Canada Post.

For some Canadian Shipments we use another vendor. 

For US we don't use Canada Post. We go through yet another vendor (or the second one).


My point here: I'm not saying Shopify is a bad solution but it depends if it fits your use case. You can be creative and use Canadian based companies. Also build up credibility with your shipping companies and discounts. Reasoning here is simple: If you leave Shopify (never say never) you want to take your shipping discounts with you. 


DM me with your rough location in Canada and if you're local to the folks we use I can let you know who they are, and feel free to ask questions too...



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